Automate Your In-Store Sales and Digital Strategy

StreetPixel makes your customers aware of new products and promotions while in-store and already shopping!

Reimagine What's Possible

TV's receive 70% of a customer's attention

StreetPixel's technology allows any business to replace TV Commercials displayed on their TVs with their own content and promotions.

Discover your walk-through rate

Streetpixel's smart marketing data understands how many new customers visited your store vs. loyal guests. Oh, and we'll show you how to re-target those new customers.

We'll upsell your Customers for you

Streetpixel promotes your products without disrupting your customers and with no added employee sales.


"StreetPixel's automation was a no brainer for our casual diner. Plus, understanding the possibilities of retargeting customers was a game changer for bringing in more happy hour regulars."

-The One Up

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