Small Businesses love the power and simplicity of StreetPixel

Collect customer data

Automatically collect customer insights including footfall analytics, demographics, brand affinities, advertising IDs, and many other actionable data points.

Promote Your Content

The StreetPixel web dashboard is a powerful and easy-to-use content management system to instantly deploy your content across your TVs.

Real world engagement

Make your experience a personalized experience with real-time engagement from our automated marketing capabilities.


Set up is a breeze.

After signing up, we will send you a StreetPixel Smart Device to leverage your existing TV Infrastructure. Simply plug in your smart device to your tv and you can start promoting your content in place of commercials. Once integrated, you will have access to StreetPixel’s full suite of marketing tools and customer data.


Identify your most loyal customers.

The first time our smart device detects a new customer StreetPixel automatically adds them to your guest database. Each time they come back, we learn more about them from spending habits and demographics to visit history.

Immediate customer segmentation

Capture context with each piece of contact information, including frequency of visit, gender, or age.

Real-time foot traffic analysis

Review how many customers are recurring each day (and how many new customers you've added!)

Integrations with our toolkit

Access our full suite of marketing tools and help further your business's reach.


Content Management

A tailored in-house experience

Upload your logo, choose your color scheme and post specials, promotions and messages to make your promotional content yours.


Set it and forget it

Automated, targeted marketing

We'll develop a world class data and marketing plan for your business. We’ll automate smart messages that target groups like First-Time, Lost and Loyal customers. Simply enable the Smart Messages that you'd like to use. We'll take care of tracking down your customers and bringing them back into your business.


"What other tech out there targets customers in-store and automatically re-targets them online. Turning a customer into a regular is my only priority."

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